[Delicious Read Made Mixed Candies & Sweets Online] - The Sweet Emperor
[Delicious Read Made Mixed Candies & Sweets Online] - The Sweet Emperor

Original Sweets

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Pick and Mix Made Simple.

Our expert team of penguin sweet mixologists are very proud of this mix!

An absolutely amazing selection of sweets, full of delicious classics, guaranteed to get your mouth watering! 

It's no surprise that this is our best seller with such a delicious quality blend.

Packed full of smiles and joy, these bad boys will bring a smile to anyone's face!

That's why they make amzing gifts too!

Get yours today.

tubs of pick and mix

  • An amazing 15 different sweets + special guest sweet!
  • Perfect for sharing
  • Perfect for parties
  • Perfect for movie night!
  • Beats popcorn any day!
  • Amazing for gifts!
  • Easy to store, re-sealable and re-usable buckets
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Sweets stay fresh in our re-sealable buckets 

    What you're likely to find in your bucket...

    • Giant strawbs
    • Fizzy cola bottles
    • Fizzy cherry cola bottles 
    • Fizzy bubble gum bottles
    • Mushrooms
    • Milk bottles
    • Shrimps
    • Bananas - AWOL 
    • Rhubarb & custards
    • Fried eggs
    • Jelly babies
    • Heart throbs - AWOL
    • ************* - MYSTERY GUEST SWEET 🕵️
    • Jelly colas
    • Giants peaches 
    • Juicy cherry lips 

    No Fizz? No problem!

    We understand that fizzy sweets aren't for everyone so The Sweet Emperor has got you covered :)

    So that you don't miss out, we also do a non fizzy version of our delicious Original sweet mix!

    You'll receive all the sweets listed above apart from the fizzy cola bottles, fizzy cherry cola bottles, fizzy bubble gum bottles and fizzy strawbs!

    Just select the 'No Fizz' option when adding them to your basket.

    Make us your monthly treat! 

    You'll never run out again with our amazing subscription service.

    Sign up for a 1,2 or 3 monthly subscription and save 10% every time!

    That's a WIN WIN right there.

    Penguin made!

    All of our sweets are hand picked and packed by real life penguins... ok, ok, maybe not... but they are mixed and packed by real humans, not machines :) 

    What are you waiting for?