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Bon Bon Sweets

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Bon Bon Sweets

Do you have a sweet tooth? Would you enjoy cosying up with a bucket of these bad boys? 

There's nothing worse than getting the munchies for something sweet but you've got nothing in the cupboards to scratch that itch right?

Well look no further! Our delicious buckets are just what you need in your life!

✔️Perfect for sharing

✔️Perfect for parties

✔️Perfect for movie night!

✔️Beats popcorn any day!

✔️Amazing for gifts

✔️Easy to store, re-sealable and re-usable buckets

✔️100% Recyclable

✔️Sweets stay fresh in our re-sealable buckets 

    What you are likely to find in your mix..

    • Toffee bon bons
    • Lemon bon bons 
    • Bubble gum bon bons
    • Cherry bon bons 
    • Apple bon bons 
    • Blue raspberry bon bons
    • Strawberry bon bons 
    • Rhubarb & custard bon bons 
    • Blackcurrant bon bons

    These retro favourites have been a hit for a long time! There's not many people who don't like these classics! They go really well with our Original mix too!

    Penguin made!

    All of our sweets are hand mixed and packed by real life penguins... ok, ok, maybe not... but they are all mixed and packed by real humans, not machines :)

    What are you waiting for?

    bon bon sweets

    bucket of bon bon sweets