Liquorice Sweet Shop Mix
Liquorice Sweet Shop Mix
Liquorice Sweet Shop Mix

Liquorice Sweet Shop Mix

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Would you enjoy cosying up with a bucket of these bad boys? 

There's nothing worse than getting the munchies for something sweet but you've got nothing in the cupboards to scratch that itch right?

Well look no further, your troubles are over! Our delicious buckets are just what you need in your life!

  • Perfect for sharing
  • Perfect for parties
  • Perfect for movie night!
  • Beats popcorn any day!
  • Perfect for storing, re-sealable and re-usable buckets

Liquorice isn't for everyone but for the people who love a bit of liquorice then this mix is for them! You'll be going back for more when you see our specially selected variety of liquorice sweets.

What you're likely to find in the mix


  • Liquorice allsorts 
  • Liquorice cuttings
  • Liquorice chargers 
  • Liquorice torpedoes 
  • Liquorice discs 

We only use high quality sweets in our mixes, that's why everybody who tries them, loves them!