These sweets are amazing!! I like veggie Percy Pigs so knew they would be boss!

Laura L

Wow! The whole family loved these! Got all my favourites in one bucket!

Sally B

Tried these recently and their veggie sweets were delicious. The strawberries and keys were my favourite. Couldn't tell they didn't contain gelatine.

Lucy R

I got some originals for my boyfriend and I never got a look in. I'll have to order a tub for myself too next time x

Jennie P

The Sweet Emperor's Story

Once upon a time there was a cute little emperor penguin who loved nothing better than cosying up with a big bucket of sweets!

He loved variety and always collected many different sweets to put in his bucket. This wasn't a simple task, as collecting all these sweets was very time consuming and took up lots of valuable chill time!

He decided something had to be done so made a list of all of his favourite sweets and had them collected and put in to buckets for him.

Sharing is caring so he shared these buckets with his friends and family and they absolutely loved them!

He decided his buckets needed to be distributed far and wide across the land so that more little penguins could enjoy his delicious sweet mixes!

He was right to distribute them because all of the little penguins that were lucky enough to get some of his mixes absolutely loved them too!

Before he knew it they'd made him a golden crown, a giant lollipop staff and started calling him The Sweet Emperor!

Sweet Dreams!

How Long will yours last?

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Original Sweet Mix

This is our best seller by far! It's a hit with everyone and makes a great bucket for sharing! Once it's open you'll find it very difficult to close again!

You can expect to find... giant strawbs, fizzy cola bottles, fizzy bubble gum bottles, mushrooms, milk bottles, shrimps & bananas, rubarb & custards, fried eggs, jelly babies, heart throbs, mini fizzy strawbs and giants peaches.

Vegetarian Sweet Mix

There's not a lot of choice for vegetarians but The Emperor has been busy and created a very yummy vegetarian mix! Even none vegetarians will be fighting to get their hands on these delicious buckets!

You can expect to find... fizzy dummies, fizzy bubble gum bottles, cola bottles, gummy bears, absolutely delicious cherries, fizzy strawbs and fizzy blue babies.

Bon Bon Sweet Mix

Who doesn't love bon bons? These retro favourites have been a hit for a long time but gone are the days when they used to be rock hard and needed to be left out to go soft! Now they come ready to go!

You can expect to find... toffee bon bons, lemon bon bons, bubble gum bon bons, cherry bon bons, apple bon bons and the extremely delicious blue raspberry bon bons!

Boiled Sweet Mix

A delightful mix of retro boiled sweets to make your juices flow! The Emperor decided that this would be a perfect mix for the whole family to enjoy. I mean, who can resist a pear drop or two?

You can expect to find... pineapple cubes, kola cubes, tuti fruity cubes, small pear drops, rosey apples, rhubarb and custards and koff candy twists. 

Liquorice Sweet Mix

Liquorice isn't for everyone but for the people who love a bit of liquorice then this mix is for them! You'll be going back for more when you see our specially selected variety of liquorice sweets.

You can expect to find... liquorice allsorts, liquorice cuttings, liquorice chargers, liquorice torpedoes and liquorice discs.